Two Moms and Two Seasons

Nicki and KevinNicole and her husband, Kevin, found out about five months ago that they had a baby on the way. It was something that they prayed about for a while and it was exciting for them to see that they’re prayers were answered.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “Early on, we got some news from the doctor that the baby had cysts on its brain,” said Nicole.

Even though that was probably the worst news they could have received, Nicole and Kevin made the decision not to worry and to instead leave everything in God’s hands.

“We just went to our 20 week sonogram and there were no cysts,” Nicole said with tears in her eyes. “It was a lot of praying and understanding that there’s no need to worry.”


Carol is at a very different stage in life; her children are grown and moving away and starting families of their own. Her son, Billy, is going to be moving to Los Angeles soon and it’s been very hard on her.

“It’s a stage in your life where you have to let go and you have to really trust God,” she said. “With Billy moving to L.A., I’m happy for him, but I’m sad that he’s gone. I have to trust God to take care of him.”

One of her friends at church, Suzanne, has children who are the same age, so she’s able to relate to her struggles and encourage her when she needs it the most.

“I think God definitely put me [at Key to Faith] for that reason specifically,” said Carol. “You need the support of other parents or other people who are going through the same thing or else you think it’s all on you.”

Suzanne has been encouraging her to seek God’s word and know that everything is in His hands. Carol realizes now that her job of raising them has come to an end, and that now she has to pray that they make the right decisions and lean on God.

“To me the most important thing that I always try to remember is that God loves them more than I love them, so I have to trust,” she said.