Photo of Emilie“When you had a really rough week, praise and worship changes the atmosphere around you. When you decide to press in and enter into His presence, everything changes. The words to the song aren’t just words anymore, they’re alive and they are living in you.”

Emilie got her first taste of music at a very young age. Late at night, her father would pull up a chair in her room and play French songs on his guitar until she fell asleep.

That same passion for music that lived in him, was also in her.

When she got older, she taught herself how to play Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches from the movie, Juno.

“When I finally learned how to play that song, it was just like the doors of learning guitar finally opened.”

She then taught herself how to harmonize by singing along with the choir at church on Sundays.

One Saturday night, she finally mustered up enough courage to sing at a youth event. When Gladys, one of the singers in music ministry, heard Emilie’s voice, she immediately brought her on board.

“It made me feel like it was supposed to happen, because God knows I’m not the type of person to just go out there and do something. I almost feel like if I want to do it, God will put it in my hands.”

Over the course of five years, the leader of the music ministry, Pete, started drawing her out of her comfort zone. She started off as a nervous, inexperienced girl, but quickly blossomed into a confident woman who’s now on her way to being a leader herself.

When you walk through the doors of Key to Faith on a Sunday morning, it’s now Emilie’s voice that fills your ears. But it’s not her or any of the other members of the music ministry who she wants you to notice.

“What I’ve learned from the beginning to now is that anything that is up there is not in my power. That stage belongs to Jesus and there is nothing I or anyone up there can do to change that.”

Even though she’s usually all smiles, she has her share of rough days. As a leader, a lot of responsibilities fall on her shoulders and sometimes it can feel like too much.

“I literally just had to put my hands down and say, ‘Jesus, you need to do something here because I can’t do anything, this is impossible.’ But it’s so funny when you say that and then God is like, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve had control this whole time.'”

One of the verses that has been encouraging her lately is Ephesians 6:7, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.”

“If Jesus can live His life completely and fully devoted to God the Father, then so can I. If He can do it then with Him in me, I can do it.”