His mercies are new every morning

Lam 3:22 The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. 23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left.

We must learn to live purposefully in our natural and spiritual lives. When we choose to live intentionally according to God’s word we will experience success in every area of life. God created us for happiness and wants to meet our every need as we learn to love Him and live wisely according to His word. You see you were created for God’s eternal purposes and they alone will bring us lasting happiness.  It is God’s word that will transform our lives and empower us to become an overcomer in every circumstance of life. Lasting success  and happiness begins from the inside out  as we believe in God’s goodness and love for us and what we can become in Him through His word. Every day is a fresh start with God, a new  chance to commune with Him and receive wisdom to live every day.

We have all experienced failure through a lapse of good judgment, bad behavior, laziness, or poor attitudes. The question is not if you fail, but what will you do when you fail? First thing to do “Let it go.” Start again and never give up till you succeed. Live to learn, grow, and move forward. Determination is the key life so choose to begin new every day. As the scripture teaches, His mercies are new every day. Again, let me remind you, live purposefully every day. I may fail one day, but I can succeed the next day when I choose to live victoriously. As you choose to live purposely  every day you will  creat a habit of more successful days then unsuccessful ones.

I hear people beating themselves up all the time  for not reading their Bible, worshiping Jesus, going to church, or praying. These things were given to you to receive Gods blessing, not to be a burden to you. We only hurt ourselves if we neglect them. God did not give those spiritual tools to us to make us guilty but for us to succeed. God’s word are His promises and truths given to lift the burdens of life from us. They were given for you to daily remember God’s faithfulness to you. Jesus said, “Come to me all you are heavily burdened and I will give your soul rest.” A good way to start your day is to be reminded of God’s promises and faithfulness. To often we are trying rather than relying. It’s God’s strength not ours that will bring joy and victory to us every day as we spend time with Him. So never see the spiritual things you do as a burden but a freedom from unbelief, hopelessness, and fear.

We have to learn to live above life’s troubles by receiving divine life from God’s Spirit. If your spiritual life is a burden and not a joy you are misunderstanding it’s purpose and benefit. God wants nothing from you but to love Him, yourself, and others. So seek Him, start new and fresh every morning. Let go of past failures and mistakes of a past day and meet with God today. Joshua taught the people obey all that is written and you will have good success. The Bible says, God makes us rich spirit, soul, and body and there is no sorrow added to it. Live purposefully today by receiving a fresh start and new mercies and help from Him every day.

Give me that mountain

Joshua 14:12 (NLT) So I’m asking you to give me the hill country that the LORD promised me. You will remember that as scouts we found the Anakites living there in great, walled cities. But if the LORD is with me, I will drive them out of the land, just as the LORD said.”

I love the Spirit of Caleb, he was always looking for ways to expand his life and the kingdom of God. I believe he understood that is the great purpose of our great partnership with God. God has promised to give his people a land, a place of blessing to dwell. God wants us to dwell and remain in His blessings.

Caleb was one of the original spies who brought back with great courage and at great risk a good report from the land God promised his people. There were giants strong and powerful warriors in the land keeping the people of God from their inheritance and blessing. In life there will be obstacles things that scare us, but God tells us to take courage he is with us. Caleb chose to believe God’s word of victory, when others saw defeat. There will always be spiritual challenges but we are called to overcome. He chose to lead by faith and courage. Caleb then young believed when God is with you, you will surely take possession of God’s promised blessings regardless of the obstacles. Faith causes good men to act on God’s word and purposes. In this blog let us give each other a good report

A mountain represents a high point. It should be a goal we are striving for. God desires to bring out the best in us. What is your mountain, your spiritual high point and goal? Let’s make our goals for this blog be to bring the best out in one another.

Caleb was trained by Joshua to win battles, learn strategies, and lead his family into God’s promises. He was part of the church. As men we are at our best when we are united together. Men need other men. Let’s inspire, encourage, learn and mentor one another through great friendships.

I hope we can connect on this men’s blog. Please when you comment leave us encouraged. The purpose of this blog is vision, strength, discipleship, instruction, friendship, and encouragement. My prayer is we unite and become a mighty army taking the land, God has given us. Our families will be blessed as we take the land by putting God first. If you have a personal issue I would love to speak with you my email is sal@ktfchurch.org